Why choose Huntington?

Technology and Innovation

In the market for over 15 years, the Huntington Group’s mission is to promote reproductive medicine of better quality for the family.

We are a reproductive medicine institution of excellence, employing technology and innovation techniques for scientific and individual development. The excellence standard of the Group complies with national and international quality criteria.

Modern techniques of great accuracy, such as Oocyte Vitrification and the Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis with blastocyst biopsy (embryo in its 5th day of life) through the Microarray-based comparative genomic hybridization (array CGH) were brought to Brazil initially by our specialized professionals.

Humanized Service

Prioritize humanization in the services the Huntington team provides goes beyond offering emotional support to each patient. We are ready to meet our patient’s needs, actively participating in all stages of each treatment.

Ongoing Improvement

Professional update of our team is based on the success of our treatments. Investment in the improvement of new techniques and the development of relevant scientific research are constant practices that have made the Huntington Group conquer several academic awards from renowned national and international agencies.

Embryology Lab

The Huntington Group is currently known as one of the biggest embryology laboratories in Latin America. Its sophisticated structure in equipment and several investments in high technology assure cutting-edge therapies to our patients, in addition to promote maximal comfort and trust to the men and women that seek us in order to fulfill their pregnancy desire.

Nursing, Embryologist, and Medical Team

Data collected by the Huntington Group is the result of the sum of ongoing work and clinical and laboratory experience of all professionals, doctors, embryologists, scientists, and nurses that are at our patients’ full disposal. Huntington professionals execute a series of research and investigation activities that serve as the basis for our improvement. Linked to educational institutions, such as national and international universities, they execute Master’s and Doctor’s degrees theses, as well as Post-Doctor’s projects and different kinds of research to increasingly improve our annual pregnancy rates. Currently over 70% of our professionals have Master’s and/or Doctor’s Degree. In addition, they participate every year in a series of very important international conferences in the reproductive medicine area, showing preliminary results of these studies.

Quality Control

By means of an effective quality control, established through protocols and routines daily reviewed since the construction of our first lab, we assure the same quality of the assisted reproductive procedures in all branches of our Group, counting on the best premises and infrastructure.


Our indexes are similar to the numbers published in international recognition sources in the reproductive medicine area, such as RedLara and the American (ASRM), European (ESHRE), and Brazilian (SBRA) Assisted Human Reproduction Societies. Statistical numbers assessed by the group in the last few years reveal over 2 thousand annual cycles and show rates that exceed 40% of total births in women who underwent treatment in the Huntington Group clinics through different IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) techniques.


Huntington strictly observes all directives set forth by the Code of Medical Ethics, governed by the Federal Board of Medicine (CFM), by the Regional Board of Medicine (CRM), and by ANVISA, ensuring safety to the patient upon their treatment.


Developing activities without compromising future generations, offering the best for the people and the environment: this is our sustainability principle. Thinking of a better future, the Huntington Group develops sustainability actions that cooperate with the environment and well being of everybody. Sustainability is related to economic, social, and environmental aspects, the primary objective of which is to promote the best for the people and the environment, both now and in the future.

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