Nutritional Follow-Up

Nutritional Follow-Up Couples trying to get pregnant must always consider keeping a healthy life style. In particularly, those facing difficulties to get pregnant must consider the beneficial effect of a healthy diet on fertility.

It is also worth noting the importance of eating right, ingesting nutrients essential to the cellular functioning. Both oocytes and sperm are special cells that have to be duly formed to generate a healthy embryo.

Thinking about the health and well being of our patients, we created the “Huntington Nutritional Follow-Up” program in order to improve the diet habits of our patients, cooperating with the success of the treatment.

Diet Upon Infertility

In the last few years, we have experienced moments of change in people’s behavior. Fastest work pace, lots of appointments, traffic in big cities, sleepless nights, and no time to practice exercises on a regular basis impact our bodies.

Who plans their menus for the week? 99% of the people plan what they are going to shop in the grocery store, supermarket, and farmers’ markets, but they do not know what they will prepare. Then how can our diet be healthy?

Infertility may be connected to wrong diet or lack of specific nutrients, but each situation is different. However, every doctor and dietitian agrees that the healthier the body the better is the chances of treatment.

Start with those simple yet very important tips:

• Breakfast is the most important meal of the day to balance your metabolism. Do not skip it or drink just a cup of coffee;
• Water: keeping good hydration must be part of our daily routine;
• Time: eat every 3 hours;
• Plan: organization helps us keep good options in our daily menu;
• Take it easy: no hurry when eating; chew!
• These right habits are a good way to start!

How the Nutritional Follow-Up works?

Nutritional therapy, together with the medical treatment, can cooperate with the success of the infertility treatment. Nutritional treatments are chosen individually, not collectively. For each case we study different instructions and, except for few cases, the nutritional treatment of the couple may be the differential for success.

Preparation for pregnancy requires ingesting food rich in Calcium, Zinc, Iron, among others. It is also imperative to supplement diet with folic acid, which avoids neural tube defects (bone marrow and brain defects) in the fetus.

In the appointment, a nutritional diagnosis is conducted through the collection of information about the current diet habits of the patient, daily activities, anthropometric evaluation, family history, lab exams, and diagnosed diseases, among others. From then on, a more suitable diet template for each patient is created.

The physical activity practice with the supervision of a specialized professional is not only very important, but also healthy for the mother and the baby.

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