Patient Education

When starting an assisted reproduction treatment, it is very important that the patients have extra care with their health. Besides following medical guidelines, it is very important to know how to deal with the following factors:

Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol intake during treatment is not recommenced because medications taken during this stage may not achieve the desired effect. Just a glass in a special occasion (parties or celebrations) is permitted, and abuse should be avoided, including by the partner, since excessive alcohol impairs sperm quality.


It is always recommended that smoking be discontinued during treatment. The reasons are many, but for women there is reduction in fertility and therefore in treatment success. As for the partner, tobacco use negatively affects sperm quality. In addition, smoking is also harmful during pregnancy for both the mother and the fetus.

Sexual Intercourse

Sexual relations are allowed before the embryo transfer. It is contraindicated only in special situations, such as ovarian hyperstimulation. After embryo transfer it should be avoided to prevent possible uterine contractions, typical during intercourse.

Several Medications

All drugs used in parallel to treatment should be reported to the medical staff to authorize or indicate their use or suspension.


Hair coloring is permitted only during the stimulation phase. After this period, the procedure is contraindicated because the chemicals come in contact with the scalp and are absorbed into the bloodstream and poison the embryos.

This instruction extends to the first trimester of pregnancy. After this period, coloring with natural products such as henna, toning shampoo or any other type are permitted, provided they do not contain ammonia. As for moisturizers and other cosmetics, it is necessary to pre-notify the medical staff.

Edema x Lymphatic Drainage

Edema not necessarily arises at once as there are variations from woman to woman. However, if it appears, the best aesthetic treatment is lymphatic drainage, which consists of a massage that helps reduce the retention of body fluid and swelling typical of that phase, which may increase due to the use of hormonal medicines.

Lymphatic drainage is permitted during stimulation only in regions of the arms, legs and back, and prohibited on the abdomen due to the proximity of the ovaries in this region.

Physical Activity

Women adept to hydro gymnastics, swimming, stretching or walking are more prepared, improve their cardiorespiratory fitness, suffer with less swelling and regain fitness quickly. However, after the commencement of ovarian stimulation exercise with caution. Due to the increase of the ovaries, physical activity can cause intense discomfort and even lead to more serious complications.


Due to the hormones used during treatment, there is a greater tendency of stains on the skin, which stimulate pigmentation. Therefore, avoid whenever possible exposure to the sun and use sunscreen daily.

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