No Apparent Cause Infertility

Couples seeking to understand what the causes of their infertility, there is a portion that can not find a specific reason. This situation is called Infertility No Apparent Cause and diagnosis occurs after the couple go through several tests with normal results, that do not have organic or physiological changes that justify the lack of success to get pregnant.

The finding is usually accompanied by a lot of frustration because the couple believes that the lack of response means lack of treatment, which is not real. The couple should not give in to discouragement, even though this is not an easy time. You need to trust your doctor and understand the most appropriate to be performed treatment. There are several indications, such as ovulation induction, artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization. Factors such as the woman’s age and infertility time will impact in making doctor’s decision on the type of treatment to be used.

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