The IMSI or Super ICSI is a treatment similar to conventional ICSI, but it provides a more accurate visualization of sperm being injected into the oocyte. This technique enables an increase greater than 6300-fold (hence the name SUPER-ICSI) of spermatozoa. ICSI regularly offers a 400x magnification. This is possible through a high resolution optical system coupled to the microscope.

This increase allows for visualization of vacuoles (structures deleterious to sperm) existing mainly in the sperm head. This is important because, according to several surveys, such vacuoles are correlated with lower rates of pregnancy and increased incidence of early abortions. Such an explanation is given to the fact that the vacuoles may cause injuries on the sperm chromatin, which could interfere with the integrity of the embryo formed.

Since its first report of success in 2003, many studies focus on  the efficacy of Super-ICSI compared to the traditional ICSI. However, a group of men / couples may benefit from this technology. Basically, the Super-ICSI is recommended for:

  • Severe male factor;
  • Failures in embryo implantation;
  • Low embryo quality;
  • Percentage of abnormal sperm DNA fragmentation.

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